• If you don't use sugar how is the product sweet?

    We use natural sweetener like jaggery and dates to sweeten the milkshake. We add them in a very low %, 5% or lesser

  • What is the shelf life of the Milkshakes?

    ZUMI Milkshakes have a 30 days shelf life under Refrigerated temperature

  • What Milk is the Milkshake made of?

    ZUMI Milkshakes are made of dairy milk and are treated with lactase-enzyme to make it lactose-free.

  • What does Lactose-free mean?

    Milk naturally contains a complex carbohydrate called Lactose which is difficult to digest for some people. We treat our dairy milk with lactase enzyme to break it down into simple sugars, thus making it lactose-free, naturally sweeter and easier to digest.

  • What is the protein content in the Milkshakes?

    ZUMI Milkshakes have 7-8gms of protein in a 200ml serving. The protein content changes slightly depending on the variant.

  • If you do not add preservatives and artificial ingredients how do you get a 30 days shelf life ?

    We achieve the 30 days shelf life with a combination of process and formulation. We make sure to use the highest quality ingredients. We heat treat our products to ensure safe & hygienic environment is maintained, along with giving us the 30 days shelf life.

  • Where are your products Manufactured?

    ZUMI Milkshakes are manufactured at Medchal and at Banjara Hills. We ensure safety and hygiene is maintained during all R&D and production runs.